Gingerbread Cream

Deliverables: Packaging (GDUSA Award Winner), Identity, Shipper Box, Point of Sale, Promotion
Roles: Design, Branding, Art Direction

Granny’s Gingerbread Cream is a liqueur targeted for the holiday season. Crafted with natural vanilla flavor and heavy cream, it is smooth to drink on its own and even suitable mixed into cocktails.

As the art director and designer, I created the brand identity and illustrated a holiday winter scene that brings nostalgia for grandma’s warmth and cravings for toasty gingerbread treats.

The label is printed on a silver metallic substrate to produce a shimmery effect. Each snowflakes in the sky and windows in the houses sparkle on the bottle and catches the shoppers’ eyes. I then incorporated the holiday scene into the point of sale and marketing materials – expanding upon the package design.

Granny’s sales surpassed the client’s projected goals by more than double.

Packaging Design Explorations
Design Progression